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Self-confessed petrol-head Rebecca blames her father for weaning her on Castrol R. As a child she was never one to have Barbie’s, but would often making mud tracks to race her Matchbox cars or tinker of her car garage. As a daughter of a car trader it was inevitable that she would end up in the automotive industry and share her father’s passion for classic American cars.

Rebecca feels exceedingly fortunate to have carved out a niche career in an industry that she’s passionate about. As she said, ‘I get paid to go to and manage events, that if I wasn’t working at, I would be paying to go to myself!’

When she hit 40, she had a midlife car crisis and sold her pretty little 1970 MG Midget which her husband lovingly restored to buy something outrageous. So, what did she get? A hot rod!

A 1952 Ford Popular roadster pickup; with a 3 litre V6 narrowed Triumph Herald front clip, and an Escort Mk2 1600 sport rear axle, it’s been chopped, lowered and is a money pit! Its loud, stinky and really uncomfortable, but it gives you such a big grin. She said ‘My family think I’m absolutely crazy, but to me it’s not just about the car, it’s a way of life. Classic car ownership it’s about expressing yourself, right?’.

She got super excited when the new bucket seats arrived and spent the night on the lounge floor pretending to drive. She now spends her spare time and hard-earned money fantasising about car parts and chrome! What girl doesn’t love a bit of bling.

Four years on and the hot rod is still a ‘work in progress’, hopefully 2021 will see ‘Miss Dynamo’ on the road. It certainly has racked up some tales along the journey!  

Selection of our Clients

Royal Automobile Club

Eventageous PR | Case Study | Rpyal Automobile Club

Working with the prestigious Royal Automobile Club, Rebecca Leppard has managed the PR and events for the clubs most prolific campaigns.



"We worked with Rebecca for our annual 'Round Britain Coastal Drive, supporting Prostate Cancer UK' over four years twice for Jaguar E-types and twice for classic Jaguar XKs. Our aim was not only to raise funds but also, just as crucially, awareness. Hence publicity was vitally important. Rebecca did a superb job and we achieved widespread coverage on local radio, and in local and national newspapers, including a superb spread on the front page of the Daily Telegraph Business News. We raised a quarter of a million pounds and gathered widespread publicity. The charity was overjoyed and lives saved"

Philip Porter
Jaguar E Type Club and brainchild of the Round Britain Coastal Drive for Prostate Cancer

"Ecurie Ecosse unveiled the LM 69 and the Hampton Court Concourse of Elegance in September 2019. It was a truly exciting time for the team to show the car for the first time and Rebecca gave us her time and effort in pulling the event and the PR together. Her infectious enthusiasm and diligent professionalism, Rebecca steered the event through its press launch and enabled us to meet press and relevant celebrities that otherwise would never have been reached. Ecurie Ecosse LM69 team are grateful for her support and look forward to her continued support through 2020"

Howard Guy
CEO Design Q

"I've found Rebecca to be one of, if not the most diligent PR professionals I have ever met. Her attention, passion and energy for all areas of motorsports is not easy to come across. He contacts and relationships within the motorsport world are an asset to her role and job. It has been a pleasure to work with Rebecca with the many 'MADMAX Race Team' world records we've achieved"

Zef Eisenberg
MADMAX Racing Team Owner and Multiple speed world record holder

"Rebecca does Public Relations brilliantly. Her clients are effortlessly represented, and their products and services are always fairly depicted. On a business relationship level, I never feel harassed or pushed by Rebecca, if I make any requests, she always deals with them quickly, professionally, and most importantly, in a way that clearly shows a full understanding of what's needed editorially. And more than that, she sometimes wears sparkly Christian Louboutins - an example to the rest of them!"

Keith Adams
Editor Classic Car Weekly

"Rebecca Leppard is a very unusual lady. First, her knowledge of the motor sport and motoring worlds is considerable, which makes her an obvious choice for clients large and small in these markets. Second, she is a master of the difficult art of getting the ear of people in the media. As a result her ability to get mileage in newspapers, general and specialised magazines, and on radio and TV is remarkable. Third, she is an indefatigable hard worker, exploring every possible avenue to give her clients what they need and persistently leaving no stone unturned. From work she has done with projects with which I have been associated, I cannot fault her ability to go above and beyond her clients' expectations."

Simon Taylor
former BBC Radio's Formula 1 correspondent and Managing Director of Haymarket Magazines. Simon now has a regular column in Classic & Sports Car and co-wrote the Stirling Moss book.

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